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EMOTIONS EXPIRE [December 31st 2010|12.11am]

[ mood | blah ]

Welcome to emotions EXPIRE, Kitia's weekly MP3 rotation (previously known as SHOUT out LOUD!). :P For those of you who are curious as to why I moved the rotation to LiveJournal, it's because my domain is going to be expiring within the next few months, and I wanted to keep my rotation going. Mmyeah. Anyways, lots of different type of music will be rotated here... except for rap, because frankly -- that's just disgusting. o_o;

This is a members only community, so please join and wait until I approve you (I'm on LJ pretty much every day, so you should be confirmed by the following day of submitting your join request★★).

Please read the goddamn rules before you try to request something. If you don't comply with my rules, then tough titties, 'cause I won't rotate your request. <3 :D


The rules for MP3 requests are as follows:

1.) You can either e-mail your request to me, or use the form (located farther down on the page). Whichever you prefer. <3

2.) No more than ONE request per person per rotation. However -- you can participate in rotations as often as you wish to.

3.) Please do not select songs that have been in the previous TEN rotations to the one currently posted on the site. Not only is it redundant, but it's fucking annoying, too. D:<

4.) You can select things that are not on my playlist... just try and keep -- in line with the theme of the site when picking your songs ^^; (ex. J-Rock, Rock, Visual Kei, Metal, Techno, Trance, Electro, etc. etc.) Don't be too disappointed if I can't find them though. x_x;

5.) Your request should be formatted like this: [Artist - "Name Of Song"] (without the brackets, of course).

Now that you've read the rules, here are my playlists:


★★★ REQUEST ★★★

Please fill out all of the applicable fields and hit send only once. o_o It might take me a few days for your requested song to appear in the queue above (especially if I'm busy at the time >_>) ... so try and be patient, eh? <3;

NOTE: Some faggots don't seem to look at the past rotations and end up requesting the same shit over and over. PLEASE, PLEASE look at that damn list BEFORE you request so I don't have a hernia. O____O








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